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Mobility at Euro 2008, Part III

Despite already having qualified, a highly mobile Dutch squad of mostly reserves easily beat Romania today.  The highlight was Robin van Persie’s goal, a rocket of a shot to settle the game at 2-0. They’ll play either Sweden or Russia on Saturday. I’m up for it, I think Oranje will be too 🙂


Image Credits: Euro2008.com

More Mobility at Euro 2008…

And when I thought things couldn’t get any better after Holland’s 3-0 victory against the Italians …. a crushing 4-1 victory against France earlier today at Euro 2008, with each goal even better than the one before. The 1-0 by Kuyt was nice, the 2-0 by van Persie was preceded by some incredible footwork by van Nistelrooy and a blazing run by Robben (here are the Dutch radio commentators!).

The 3-0 was really the backbreaker, an impossible shot within a minute of France scoring the 2-1. The 4-1 by Sneijder was really the icing on the cake. All the video highlights are here. So now they’re through to the quarterfinals already, with one game to play in group C, the group of death. It was really a group of death, but not for the Dutch!

And here is a look at the Oranje Legioen (Orange Legion) of Dutch supporters in Switzerland, the best soccerfans in the world!!

Image Credits: Euro 2008.com

Mobility at Euro 2008 ;)


Not mobile technology, but very mobile players!! That’s how the Dutch beat Italy last night, for the first time in 30 years (I remember watching the last victory on TV in 1978, this time I watched it on the Internet)!! It was definitely worth the wait. Here are the highlights, I’ve probably watched them a dozen times by now. With flashes of the Dutch “totaalvoetbal” system that become so popular in the 1970s, Oranje outclassed the Italians in a big way. France is next, I’ll be watching!


Highlights are here. Somehow the embedding didn’t work.

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